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FALL 2015

Class Hours: T - Th 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
CPE 2.220


Course Syllabus

Course Grading

Course Introduction

Course Schedule

Introduction Lectures
     1st day of class
     Climate Change
     Green house gas
     Pipeline vs rail

Professor Durrenberger's Email

CPE 3.462
PRC  Bldg. 133 1.320A
Telephone: 471-4706

Office Hours at CPE 3.462

Tuesday  9:30-10:15 AM
Thursday 9:30-10:15 AM

Other times by appointment at the Pickle Research Campus office.


I.  Life Cycle Assessment Lecture Notes
   Material Flow Analyses Lecture Notes


  Homework Assignments | Solution Sets
Life Cycle Assessment Homework   Solutions LCA Homework


  Additional Material
Data Sources for Life Cycle Inventories
Case Study of a streamlined Life Cycle Assessment
Professor David Shonnard, Michigan Tech
Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment for Autos
Ethylene Production
LCA BioFuels
LCA Ethanol from Corn Stover
Energy Information
The Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol
LCA Ethanol Production


Project 1
Project 1 Grading Sheet
Project 1 Oral Presentation
Project 1 Oral Presentation Grading Form
Life Cycle Links
Comments on Project 1
Sample Reports 1
Sample Report 2
SLCA Score Development Example
Oral Presentation Schedule 10-1
Past Topics Used for Project 1
Example of 20 Minute Presentation
Project 1 Results
Project 1 Results Comparison


  Due Dates   | Solution Sets
Quiz 1 Life Cycle Homework Sept. 15   Solutions Quiz 1
Project 1 Description of Products to be Analyzed Sept. 14    
Project 1 Sept. 29    
Project 1 Oral Presentation Oct. 1    

II.   Multimedia Modeling Module Lecture Notes


  Homework Assignments | Solution Sets
Multimedia Homework 1   Solutions Multimedia Homework 1
Multimedia Homework 2   Solutions Multimedia Homework 2


  Additional Material
Diesel Fuel
Alternate Gasoline
Benzene Data
Level I Benzene Results
Level II Benzene Results
Level III Benzene Results
Bioaccumulation in Food Webs
Pharmacology Modeling


Project 2
Project 2 Grading Sheet
Environmental Compartment Data
Compounds Selected in 2011


 Due Dates   | Solution Sets
Quiz 2 Multimedia Homework 1 Oct. 1   Solutions Quiz 2
Quiz 3 Multimedia Homework 2 Oct. 15   Solutions Quiz 3
Project 2 Compound Oct. 15    
Project 2 Oct. 29    




III.  Dispersion Modeling - Lecture Notes & Background Reading


  Homework Assignments | Solution Sets
Emission Inventory Homework    
Gaussian Homework |  


  Additional Material
Derivation of Flare Input as a Point Source
Gaussian Modeling Process
Power Plant Diagrams
Conceptual Model for Austin


Project 3
Project 3 Grading Sheet
Project 3 Fuels and Stacks
Project 3 Fuel Assignments
Comments On Project 3


  Due Dates   | Solution Sets
Quiz 4 Emissions Inventory Nov. 3   Solutions Quiz 4
Gaussian Homework.......... Dec. 3 |


Project 3 ...........................Midnight Dec. 4 |  

       Final Exam Dec. 14th, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm





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