Separations Research Program
J.J. Pickle Research Campus
University of Texas at Austin
10100 Burnet Rd Building 133
Austin, TX 78758

512.471.7077 (main line)
512.471.1720 (fax)


The SRP pilot facilities are readily available for general contract use. Recent upgrades include an advanced computer control system and instrumentation, replacement of carbon steel piping and heat exchangers with stainless steel versions, and new analytical capability. The unique computer-controlled 16.8-in diameter distillation and extraction columns are ideal for studying the hydraulic and mass transfer characteristics of random and structured packings. These columns may also be used to study the hydraulic characteristics and efficiencies of tray contactors. A revamped air/water column of the same diameter is available for hydraulic and scrubbing studies. A reactive absorption system (air/carbon dioxide/sodium hydroxide) may be utilized to measure effective gas contact areas. In addition to these units, a 6.0-inch diameter reactive distillation column, a one-inch diameter Oldershaw distillation column, a skid-mounted glass extraction system containing a 4.0-inch diameter column, and a one-inch diameter glass Karr extractor are available. We welcome your inquiries.



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