Texas 2000 Air Quality Study Workshop

Presentations (August 7-10, 2001) 

Other Technical Papers can be found at Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission's (TNRCC) Web Site:


Ozone Precursors, Source Regions, and the Rate and 
Efficiency of Ozone Production

Peter Daum
Larry Kleinma
Y-N Lee
Stephen Springston
Linda Nunnermacker

Brookhaven National Laboratory
Atmospheric Sciences Division

Metrological Model for 
Houston/Galveston Ozone Events

Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
Pete Breitenbach
Science Team Meeting







Contrasting effects of different anthropogenic
source types on ozone formation in Houston

T.B. Ryerson, M. Trainer, D.K. Nicks Jr., A.J. Neuman, R.W. Dissly, J.S. Holloway, R.O. Jakoubek, D.D. Parrish, G.J. Frost, C. Wiedinmyer, D.T. Sueper, W.C. Kuster, P.D. Goldan, G. Huebler, W.M. Angevine, and F.C. Fehsenfeld

Aeronomy Laboratory, NOAA, Boulder, CO

S.G. Donnelly, S. Schauffler, E. Atlas, A.J. Weinheimer, F. Flocke, B.P. Wert, W.T. Potter, and A. Fried

Atmospheric Chemistry Division, NCAR, Boulder, CO

C.J. Senff, L.S. Darby, R.M. Banta, R.J. Alvarez

Environmental Technology Laboratory, NOAA, Boulder, CO

Additional thanks for:

Surface ozone and wind observations (TNRCC)

Twin Otter ozone data (Baylor University