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Emission Inventory Data
Biogenic Emission Sources - Houston Area

Biogenic emissions for Southeast Texas have been estimated based on a land use/land cover database which has a 1-km spatial resolution. The map at upper left is the land cover database for non-urban areas in the Houston region. At lower left is a mapping of the composite land use-land cover database used for the urban and rural areas in the Houston region (Similar data are available for the entire state). Other maps provide estimates of isoprene emissions, total biogenic hydrocarbon emissions, biogenic NO and biogenic CO. The estimates were made for a temperature of 30 degrees Centigrade at noon.

Click on any thumbnail below to see a full-sized representation of that map. The map will open in a separate browser window.

Rural Land Cover
Biogenic Isoprene
Biogenic Hydrocarbon Emissions
Composite Rural/Urban Land Cover
Biogenic NOx Emissions
Biogenic CO Emissions

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