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Houston/Galveston/Beaumont Area

Animations of the spatial and temporal evolution of ozone concentrations are available from two sources:

1) Ground based monitors provide one source of data on the spatial and temporal evolution of ozone concentrations. On a daily basis, the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission maps hourly ozone concentrations, based on interpolations of data collected by ground level monitors. These are posted on the TNRCC web site.

2) Regional photochemical models are a second source of information on the spatial and temporal evolution of ozone concentrations. Modeling data are available at two scales ­ a multi-state regional scale and the eight-county non-attainment region. Animations of three episodes, modeled at the multi-state regional scale, are available:

The performance of the model for these episodes has been evaluated and that performance evaluation has been summarized in a report available from the University of Texas.

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