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Project Astra
Advancing Next Generation Methane Innovation


Support for project Astra comes from multiple sponsors, participating at different levels.

Project Astra participants have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), confirming their commitment to the project through the pilot demonstration. Signatories of the MoU are Chevron, the Environmental Defense Fund, ExxonMobil, GTI, Microsoft, Pioneer Natural Resources, Schlumberger, and the University of Texas at Austin.

Partner Roles
UT-Austin-Scientific/research lead for the project
GTI-Deep technical and industry expertise for proving commercial viability
EDF-Technical expertise to drive environmental outcomes
Industry members-Deep technical and operational expertise for feasibility testing

Sponsors of the West Texas methane sensor inter-comparison study are AT&T, the Collaboratory to Advance Methane Science (CAMS), the Environmental Defense Fund, ExxonMobil, and Pioneer Natural Resources. In addition, the sensor providers participating in the inter-comparison have made their instruments available at no cost to the project.

The Digital Methane Challege has been supported by the Energy Institute of the University of Texas at Austin and funding has been approved by the Collaboratory to Advance Methane Science (CAMS).

Funding for the Pilot deployment is anticipated from the Project Astra participants who are signatories to the MoU.