Methane Emissions in the Natural Gas Supply Chain: Production

Methane Project Data Sets

Measurements of Methane Emissions at Natural Gas Well Sites

David T. Allen, Vincent M. Torres, James Thomas, David W. Sullivan, Jarett Spinhirne
Center for Energy and Environmental Resources, University of Texas at Austin

Matthew Harrison, Al Hendler, Meggen Delollis, Bryan Benaway, Gene Youngerman, Randy Stevens,
Megan Bowien, Kevin McGinn
URS Corporation

Scott C. Herndon, Jon P. Franklin, Cody Floerchinger, Joanne Shorter, Cameron Martin, Ryan McGovern and Joda Wormhoudt
Aerodyne Research, Inc.

Counts by AAPG Basin

Counts by AAPG Basin: This file contains the total equipment counts, event counts, and total production based on the totals reported by the participating companies for the year 2011. The dataset shows totals for each of the "American Association of Petroleum Geologists" (AAPG) basins where the participating companies are active.